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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Sacred Games Direct Link Torrent 1040px 720px Download

Sacred Games Direct Link Torrent 1040px 720px Download

Tags: Action, Crime, Drama
Stars: Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte
Sartaj Singh, a Mumbai police officer, receives an anonymous phone call from a gangster who threatens to blow up the entire city. Amid the corrupt standards of Indian law enforcement begins a battle between a 'nobody' cop and ruthless gangster who perceives (sometimes) himself to be a God. Written by Cinema Theories
Country: India | USA
Language: Hindi | Indian Sign Language | Marathi | English
Release Date: 6 July 2018 (India)
8 burning questions fans want to be answered in 'Sacred Games'
There's just one week left for the most-awaited second season of Sacred Games. Based on the novel Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra, Season 1 was the first Indian original series on Netflix.
After its tremendous success and a cottage industry of memes and videos that it created, Season 2 is finally around the corner.
For those who haven’t seen the first season yet, (yes we are judging you) please watch out for spoilers ahead.
Here are eight burning questions for which Sacred Games fans will be looking for answers:
1. What is going to happen in 15 days?
All it took to kickstart this game was a question. “Do you believe in god?” the mysterious voice at the other end of the line asks Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan). He is half-drunk and exhausted, but the moment he realizes it’s notorious gangster Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazzuddin Siddiqui) on the line, Sartaj’s life changes forever.

Gaitonde issues a dire warning - there are just 25 days left to save Mumbai or everyone will die. He starts the clock to doom but kills himself before Sartaj can find out more. Season 1 ended on Day 15 and Season 2 takes off with just two weeks left to solve the mystery. But what is Sartaj trying to prevent? A nuclear attack like the finale teased, mass shootings, bomb blasts or some other catastrophic conspiracy?

2. Why was Gaitonde saved?

Season 1 branched into parallel narratives, establishing the two central characters of  Gaitonde and Sartaj. We saw Gaitonde’s journey from a penniless migrant to the most wanted gangster in Mumbai, to a man on the verge of death. But just when he thought all was lost, he is saved from a prison riot by mysterious men. Why? Why is he now in Cape Town and on the run?

More importantly, why did he kill himself instead of finally having his revenge on his ‘teesra baap’ (third godfather)?

3. Who are the players old and new?

Sacred Games: The answer to your existential crisis
25 July 2018 | by bobandlulureview – See all my reviews
I liked how the story began. This isn't a slow narrative, you basically have to run with the characters to catch up with their mind and emotions and sometimes have to see between the frames. I live on the extreme ends of the storytelling arch. I love the slow narrative where each and everything is described in such a manner that you feel you are in that situation and you start feeling what the character feels and then there is the impromptu situation where you are unexpectedly put in and you have to start catching up with why the characters are doing what they are doing. Both are fun ways to sit back and enjoy a show. Sacred Games falls under the latter category. Ganesh Gaitonde is that don who has only one purpose and that is to be the city he lives in - Bombay. The show takes us through his journey from Trimbakeshwar to Bombay and how as an adult after pedaling in drugs he decides by and by that he is meant for much more than that. He dreams big and he sets his ambition into action. We see ruthlessness in him which is a prerequisite of being a don but at the same time, we see him trying to make his gang walk the secular line so as not to have religion come into play. You and I and that is if you were born in the 80's will nod your head at the narrative of the story when scenes of unrest are shown in the post Indira Gandhi era that has left the nation broken and at the same time has become that "gap" that Politicians use as their mosh pits come election season.

Gaitonde claims he has three fathers and tells us about each one and how they influenced his life and made him who he is. Then we have Sartaj, the Sikh inspector who is trying really hard to battle the internal corruption in police services by refusing to give a false statement in court. His refusal becomes leverage for his superior who dangles his refusal as bait at every opportunity that Sartaj needs back up or when he works on a lead. Sartaj has his own emotional baggage. His wife has left him and he hasn't gotten over her. This I presume is what leads him to consume anxiety pills. We see a little bit of emotional instability in him but not so much that we question his judgment as he pursues his cop instincts. Anjali Mathur, the RAW agent who wants to step out into the field and not just stay behind her desk. She, like Sartaj, follows her instincts and teams up with Sartaj to save the city. Except she believes there is more to the story than just a gang war. Of course, she is stopped from acting on her hunch and evidence because hey she's a girl and girls can't go out and play after sundown. Like Sartaj, she also has her own reasons for being who she is and that is what propels her into going forward to uncover the roles of different people in the story. Kookoo, I think was a metaphor for the city itself and whoever had Kookoo had Bombay. That's all that I'll be saying about this character.


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